Covid-19 Response Plan

Guidelines for Opening and Operating a Private Campground in Alberta in 2020


  • Serviced camping only, units must have their own toilet and shower facilities.
  • The park's water system needs to be up and running.
  • No unserviced or tent camping.
  • All stand-alone comfort-stations (washrooms and showers and laundry) should be closed.
  • Park entrance should be secured by a physical barrier when not staffed by an attendant.
    Campers need to put their own garbage into the dumpster provided by park management. No garbage/cigarette butts will be left on the grounds or in the firepits.  No recycling except returnables.
  • Limit Campground Capacity.
  • Campers should be provided with appropriate information about COVID-19 prevention measures and precautions both at the gate during check-in and check-out and through the use of signage throughout the campgrounds.

Recommended: Social/physical distancing

  • Sites should be at least 30 feet wide.
  • No visitors to campers. This includes both day and/or overnight visitors.
  • Campers will remain within the confines of their campsite, which means no socializing with other campsites.
  • Walking ALONG GRAVEL PATHS in the campground is permitted, but 2 meters "social distance" is required. Walking off the gravel path is not permitted.
  • Provided there is no fire ban, fires will be permitted. Bagged firewood is for sale. Guests will abide by the requirement to keep to groups of less than 5 individuals who all live in the same household
  • Campground operators must offer camper contact-free registration options.
  • Additionally, we will not be running the store (except for pre-ordered wood) for the foreseeable future.
  • During COVID19 – No children, No pets. Adult Couples/Partner camping.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during the challenging times. Thank you to the hard-working teams at the CCRVC, RVDA, PCOAA, and of course AHS for these guidelines.
Ed and Jeanne

CCRVC-Canada Camping and Recreational Vehicle Council
PCOAA-Private Campground Operator's Association of Alberta
RVDA-Recreational Vehicle Dealer's Association of Alberta
AHS-Alberta Health Services

403 677 2577

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